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Radware Launches New Line of Alteon ADCs With Industry-Leading SSL-Performance
Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:14:10 AM


Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, today announced the new Alteon D-line of appliances and software, which was designed to address evolving market challenges around the increase in encrypted traffic, the increase in encrypted attacks and malware, and the growing needs for data center automation. Radware Alteon D-line is available with a full range of add-on software modules and subscriptions that extend the capabilities of the application delivery controller (ADC).

Radware introduces new SSL performance level across its suite of Alteon D line of hardware and virtual appliances with SSL connection speeds up to 98,000 CPS (2K RSA) and 48,000 CPS (256-bit ECC) and up to 40G of SSL throughput. The Alteon D line provides organizations with a highly cost-effective way to monitor encrypted traffic on perimeter security devices as well as application frontend devices. This is necessary for all industry verticals and especially in highly regulated industries like healthcare, e-commerce, SaaS, and financial services that increasingly rely on SSL encryption to maintain privacy and security and meet industry compliance standards including PCI/DSS, HIPPA, PII and GDPR. Radware’s patented technology provides decryption and encryption to multiple security technologies. This patent provides the mechanism to properly inspect the increasing amount of encrypted traffic on the internet.

Radware is using a unique joint architecture capable of offering high performance SSL capabilities across both its hardware and supporting virtual appliance (VA) platforms, allowing organizations the resources to address new ciphers and performance requirements to guard against encrypted attacks, also in cloud environments. According to Mozilla Firefox, SSL encrypted traffic represented 50% of all internet traffic, up 10% just in 2016. Hackers have taken advantage of this shift by using SSL encryption to conceal their attacks, a tactic demonstrated with the Heartbleed and POODLE exploits. In fact, Radware’s 2016-17 Global Application and Network Security Report shows, “Although 39% [survey respondents] reported suffering an SSL-based attack, only 25% confidently state they can mitigate it.” At 39%, this represents continuous growth of SSL based attacks10% year-over-year.” This makes it very difficult and costly for organizations to distinguish between safe and unsafe traffic.

Daniel Lakier, Vice President of Application Delivery Solutions at Radware said, “Organizations have to support a significantly higher volume of encrypted traffic than ever before. At the same time, new ciphers like ECC are eating up a greater share of computing resources. Our new Alteon D line gives them a cost-effective solution that delivers thorough inspection and offloading of encrypted traffic, reduces latency and deploys easily in either a physical or virtual environment, or any combination of both.

“ADC and Security go hand in hand. The key is to detect where you can and mitigate where you should. Security is a multi-technology, multiproduct strategy in today’s IT environments. Selecting the right ADC also means choosing the correct and credible security. Radware offers a unique solution, Defense Messaging, which enables the ADC to communicate with other security technologies such as Radware's AMS solution to provide a single holistic end-to-end security solution.”

All of Radware’s Alteon ADCs provide organizations with a complete management and orchestration (MANO) solution to give the operational team control over the application delivery infrastructure. Radware’s Alteon ADCs provide full integration into open source and multi-vendor virtualization environments for SDN, SDDC, NFV, and all cloud architectures.

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