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Telxius enhances its Security service with Radware
Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 11:24:05 AM

Telxius is one of the carriers with the highest mitigation capacity

Radware beefs up Telxius defenses to stay ahead of latest sophisticated cyber attacks

Telxius, Telefónica Group’s infrastructure company, announced today that it relies on Radware to ensure the protection of its international network from increasingly complex cyberattacks and provide DDoS mitigation services to its customers, helping them mitigate attacks in seconds, compared to hours if manual intervention was previously required. Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR) is a leading provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions serving multinational customers and ISPs.

Telxius upgraded its DDoS Shield service based on the rising complexity of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and the inherent stress put on traditional Security Operations Centre (SOC) processes. Telxius powers its DDoS Shield services utilizing Radware’s advanced defenses. Telxius makes this enhanced capability available through the DDoS Shield to Telefónica companies and other ISPs globally as a security managed service, which is currently available.

Telxius operates an international high-capacity fiber optic submarine network of 87,000 kilometers and more than 16,700 cell towers. Radware’s mitigation solution allows Telxius customers to be secure and less vulnerable to sophisticated new attacks that may affect unprepared legacy defenses. Radware’s DefensePro® product is one of the most advanced in the market for DDoS prevention, protection and IoT botnet attack mitigation. DefensePro is an award-winning real-time perimeter DDoS defense and attack mitigation device that offers both capacity and mitigation less prone to false positives.

“The security of our network is a value-added service that is key for our business. We must ensure a seamless experience for our customers when an attack takes place and keep them protected from new attack methods, and Radware is the right partner for it”, said Rafael Castell, Head of Product Marketing at Telxius.

“Carriers today have to prioritize security if want to offer competitive services. Their customers expect service to be protected, but attackers are finding new ways to bypass legacy technology and manual operations,” said Mark McIIvane, Radware Vice President, Global Carrier Sales and Business Development. “Radware is pleased to have been recognised by Telxius for its security and technology leadership. Year after year, we see DDoS attacks becoming more complex and dynamic. However, with Radware’s support, Telxius can offer its customers one of the most advanced security services on the market.”

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