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Radware’s New Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution Provides Secure Application Delivery in the Multi-Cloud Era
Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 03:09:40 PM

Alteon® Cloud Control Helps Businesses Solve Scale, Management, and Security Challenges Across Multiple Environments

Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, today announced the Alteon Cloud Control as part of its Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution designed to simplify the deployment of secured application delivery services across public and private cloud environments. This new solution includes an embedded best-of-breed Web Application Firewall (WAF), advanced analytics, and one centralized management and control capability. With more flexible licensing and continuous SLA assurance, Radware’s Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution is making application delivery and security a true self-service solution for DevOps, SecOps and application development teams.

The Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution extends the superior capabilities of Radware’s Alteon line of Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) to private and public cloud environments with an application first approach. This is achieved by using one centralized service management and control component, the new Alteon Cloud Control, that provides an easy-to-use interface that is intended to simplify the provisioning and monitoring of application delivery and security services across any environment.

“Every cloud environment has quirks. As businesses manage and deploy applications across multiple cloud environments, they’re challenged by increasing levels of complexity,” said Gabi Malka, Chief Operations Officer at Radware. “The Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution unifies application delivery across our customers’ private, public, and hybrid cloud environments to ensure consistent deployment, functionality, and security policy enforcement.”

Designed with DevOps in Mind

Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution automates the complex configuration required to provision an application delivery service, requiring only the basic service-specific parameters as input. Alteon Cloud Control’s REST API (a RESTful API is an application interface that uses HTTP requests to get GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data) enables native integration with leading DevOps automation tools without requiring any expertise in ADCs or security solutions.

As a result, the Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution provides a complete self-service application delivery and security services provisioning, lifecycle workflows automation, that we expect to save 90% of a DevOps team’s time, while significantly accelerating time to production.

Streamlining Application Protection

Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution includes an embedded, best-of-breed WAF to secure applications with consistent security policies across all environments. The solution enables non security experts (e.g., DevOps, application owners) to deploy the most advanced application protection services with both negative and positive security models, automated policy generation and security optimization.

Protecting Investments

Radware’s solution includes a dynamic licensing mechanism, Global Elastic Licensing (GEL), that enables customers to buy a single application delivery and security license for all their ADC needs across all environments, while continuing to leverage their investment in legacy Alteon ADC appliances. It simplifies planning by providing multi-dimensional flexibility at less than half the cost of native cloud ADC solutions.

Smart Analytics for Actionable Insight

Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution analytics offers managers a single pane of glass for all applications across all environments via intuitive dashboards for fast root-cause analysis (RCA) and rapid SLA breach resolution. It collects and correlates real-time application performance, security and health information on all the application resources it manages, enabling smarter insights and faster responsibility assignment between the DevOps, SecOps and application owner.

Automatic Scaling and Clustering

Alteon Multi-Cloud Solution automatically scales up and down in response to usage patterns to optimize provisioning of resources. This stabilizes costs and eliminates over-provisioning, while ensuring application availability and service quality during traffic spikes. The result is a significant reduction in total cost of ownership.

Multiple Clouds, One Alteon Solution

Alteon Multi Cloud Solution offers simple, secure and scalable deployment of applications across multiple environments, supporting legacy data centers, private and public clouds, enabled by one centralized controller and global elastic license.

Through its application centric approach, Radware enables application owners, DevOps, SecOps and others to instantly deploy application delivery and security services in a self-service manner, with advanced WAF and analytics to proactively manage and protect their applications, wherever they are deployed.

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